Everything you wanted to know about NP-W126 batteries

Original vs. non-original Fujifilm NP-W126 batteries

Test description

Fujifilm X-T1, 10-24mm F4.0, 10 frames using Interval shooting, 30’’, F4.0, ISO 1600, LCD On

  Original battery DSTE Battery Noname Battery
Description 7.2V
min. 1200mAh, typ. 1260mAh
Made in China
Made in China
11.5Wh (calculated)
Out of charger
8.32V 8.34V 8.33V
After 5 mins 8.20V 8.27V 8.26V
After 10 mins 8.16V 8.21V ?V


Original battery

Battery reading: 7.2V, min. 1200mAh, typ. 1260mAh, 8.7Wh, Made in China

  • Voltage out of charger: 8.32V
  • Voltage after 1 test: 8.20V
  • Test2 (5 min): Before 8.23V, After: 8.16V
  • Test3 (10min): Before: 8.19V, After: 8.09V
  • Test4 (10min): Before: 8.11V, After: 7.99V
  • Test5 (10min): Before: 8.02V, After: 7.90V
  • Test6 (10min, no screen): Before: 7.92V, After: 7.82V


DSTE Battery pack

Battery reading: 7.2V, 1900mAh, 13.7Wh, Made in China

  • Voltage out of charger: 8.34V
  • Voltage after 1 test: 8.27V
  • Test2 (5min): Before 8.28V, After: 8.21V
  • Test3 (10min): Before: 8.23V, After: 8.11V
  • Test4 (10min): Before: 8.14V, After: 8.02V
  • Test5 (10min): Before: 8.05V, After: 7.93V
  • Test6 (10min, no screen): Before: 7.95V, After: 7.84V

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